Ivanka Trump Officially Buys Home In DC – You Won’t Believe Who Her Neighbor Is…

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Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner have just closed on a home in an elite neighborhood in Washington D.C., and her neighbors will definitely surprise you.

Daily Mail reported that Ivanka and Jared will be moving to the elite neighborhood of Kalorama into a 94 year-old home that was recently renovated. Their neighbors will be none other than the Obamas, who will be living just two blocks away from Ivanka.

Both the buyer and the seller were represented by Washington Fine Properties Executive Vice President William F.X. Moody

“It’s so close to downtown, and it’s about as tony as a neighborhood gets,” Moody said.

Though Moody would not confirm the official address of Ivanka’s new home, the Washingtontian reported that dozens of real-estate sources said the six-bedroom home located at 2449 Tracy Place that was sold in December for $5.5million is where she’s going to move.

This came after the Obamas closed on their own Kalorama mansion right near Ivanka’s for around the same price as hers. The Obamas’ new eight-bedroom, nine-and-a-half-bathroom home was previously owned by Glover Park Group co-founder Joe Lockhart and his wife, Giovanna Gray Lockhart, the Washington editor of Glamour. It has been undergoing major renovations in the past few weeks to prepare for the Obamas’ arrival.

The Obamas claim that they are staying in Washington D.C. just so that Sasha can finish school, but rumor has it that Barack Obama wants to stay so that he can rally people against Donald Trump.

Conservative author Ed Klein recently revealed the real reason Obama is so desperate to stay in Washington, and it has nothing to do with his daughter…

“For the past 100 years every president who is outgoing has packed up his stuff gone home and not criticized his successor,” Klein said, according to Inquisitr. “This is not what the Obamas are planning to do. They rented an eight-bedroom mansion in the Kalorama section of Washington from Joe Lockhart, who was Bill Clinton’s last press secretary. In that house there’s enough room for Valerie Jarrett as well as Michelle and the kids. A place for ten cars to park. They are setting up what they are calling a shadow government.”

Klein then predicted that the Obama administration will do everything in their power to disrupt Trump’s inauguration on January 20. He also said he expects Obama to do whatever he can to make Trump’s presidency as difficult for him as possible.

Maybe it’s a good thing that Ivanka’s new house is located so close to Barack Obama’s…What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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