Reba McEntire DESTROYS Trump-Haters With Epic New Song

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Reba McEntire is one of the most popular country music singers in the country and has enjoyed a long and distinguished career. Now, however, she’s risking it all to sing a song that is sure to enrage those who hate President Donald Trump.

McEntire’s new hit song “Back to God” is a clear indictment of the liberal philosophy that has divided our country like never before. It also sends a message of what America needs to do to become great again.

“Cause we’re still worth saving, we can’t go on like this and live like this, we can’t love like this, we gotta give this world back to God,” McEntire sings. “You gotta get down on your knees, believe, fold your hands and beg and plead, you gotta keep on praying.”

With this song, McEntire is saying that we need faith right now more than ever. We need to come together and unify, instead of continuing to divide ourselves along racial and political lines.

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