Eric Trump Shocks Everyone With Major Announcement

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Donald Trump’s son Eric has stayed completely silent since his father’s inauguration. That’s why it came as somewhat of a surprise this week when he gave his first interview since his father entered the White House.

Liberals have been so desperate to take Trump down in recent weeks that they have been targeting his children’s brands and business. Eric, however, spoke out to say that these liberals have failed miserably in their endeavors, saying that the Trump Organization is doing fantastic.

“We have an amazing team,” Eric said, according to Conservative 101. “We have amazing people. We function incredibly well and we know what everybody does. There is no second-guessing who is responsible for what.”

“And we act as a family unit and we have incredible loyalty — and everybody works incredibly hard and everybody is incredibly good at what they do,” he added.

Eric went on to discuss the effect his father’s presidency has had on the family business.

“Now, the biggest thing in the world is what he is doing,” he said. “And we would never want to do anything to remotely jeopardize that. So, we were the first people to raise our hands and say, you know what, let’s not build anything [else] overseas.”

Eric has been left in charge of the Trump Organization along with his older brother Donald Jr. while their father is in the White House. The younger Trump brother explained to reporters what aspects of the business he runs himself.

“I made the purchases of every single one of those golf courses, and I rebuilt every single one of these properties. I know their attics better than anybody, and I know the mechanical systems better than anybody,” said Eric.

We’re glad to see that the Trump brand is still going strong despite attempts made by bitter liberals to destroy it!

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