BOOM: Senate Reverses Major Obama Order – This Ruins His Legacy

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Liberals have never been fans of welfare reform. They regularly put in place policies that allow Americans to become dependent on the government, instead of giving them the tools to be self-sufficient.

Conservatives, on the other hand, have historically tried to put in place policies that encourages free market, limited government, and personal responsibility. So it’s no surprise, they believe in comprehensive means testing.

This is why many conservatives are thrilled by what the Senate did this week.

From Western Journalism:

The Senate on Tuesday dealt the final legislative blow to an Obama-era regulation that limited drug testing for individuals seeking unemployment benefits.

The measure, which used the Congressional Review Act’s powers to undo the regulation approved last summer, passed along party lines 51-48. President Donald Trump is expected to sign the legislation, which cleared the House last month.

A 2012 law had said states could only give individuals drug tests when they sought unemployment benefits if they were previously fired for drug use or worked in jobs where drug testing was common.

BOOM! This is just common sense.

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