Dem. Senator Turns On Obama – Exposes What REALLY Happened During Trump Phone Call…

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A Democrat senator has turned on former President Barack Obama by revealing something that shows just what a good leader Donald Trump really is.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that Sen. Joe Manchin (D.,W.Va.) said he has already had more personal time with Trump in the six weeks he’s been in office than he ever did with Obama in his eight years in the White House.

“I’ve had more personal time with Trump in two months than I had with [Barack] Obama in eight years,” Manchin said. He added that he can call Trump whenever he wants to, and that when he does, the president always answers the phone himself.

“I can call Donald Trump now, and he’ll probably pick up,” Manchin said. “He picks up his phone. If you’ve got his number, he’ll talk to you. Damnedest thing I ever seen in my life.”

The senator revealed that just after Thanksgiving, Trump phoned him without notice to let him know that he looked forward to working across the aisle with the West Virginian Democrat. Since then, Manchin has taken a very different approach to dealing with Trump than his Democrat colleagues, whom he criticized for boycotting Trump’s inauguration.

Unfortunately, this has come back to bite Manchin, as radical liberal groups have already begun petitioning for a more progressive candidate to challenge Manchin in the 2018 primary.

“Our position is that Democrats in red states are shooting themselves in the foot for the November 2018 election if they are not fighting Trump,” Adam Green, the co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee said.

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