DOJ Lawyer Drops NUCLEAR BOMB On James Comey

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Last week, James Comey testified before Congress that there was no evidence Donald Trump was wiretapped by Barack Obama last year. Days later, this was proven to be a lie when House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes confirmed he had seen evidence that Trump and his transition team were wiretapped by the Obama administration after he won the election.

Now, former Department of Justice lawyer Larry Klayman has sent a letter to Nunes informing him that a CIA whistleblower sent himĀ 47 hard drives and 600 million images that prove that both Obama AND Comey spied on Trump, and many other people as well.

Here’s Klayman’s full letter to Nunes:

If Klayman is telling the truth, it means Comey lied under oath, a crime which could land him with serious prison time. Obama would likely be joining him in prison as well for what he did to Trump.

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