FBI Director James Comey Makes TERRIFYING Announcement During Trump Hearing

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JUST IN: FBI Director James Comey is conducting a live hearing before Congress, related to claims that Russia interfered in the United States election by working with Donald Trump and his campaign staff.

Breitbart reported that Comey just confirmed that the FBI is, in fact investigating Russian interference in last year’s election, including links to members of the Trump campaign. He said that this investigation could lead to criminal charges, but he would not elaborate any further.

This announcement should terrify any American, as the FBI is operating its investigation based on a political witch hunt.

There isn’t one shred of evidence that Russia interfered in the election, and yet they’re moving forward with the investigation anyways. Meanwhile, the Democrats haven’t been able to focus on anything except for Russia. Instead of taking responsibility for their massive and embarrassing loss, they continue to point fingers and blame Russia. Sad.

We will update you further as this story develops.

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