JUST IN: Trump Signs Bill DESTROYING Obama’s Legacy

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Before he won the presidential election, Donald Trump promised he would do everything in his power to reverse the damage Barack Obama did to this country. Now, we are happy to say that he is following through with this plan in a monumental way.

Conservative Tribune reported that Trump just signed a Senate bill Tuesday authorizing $19.5 billion worth of funding for NASA for the 2018 fiscal year. This figure is half a billion more than former Obama had budgeted for NASA for the 2017 fiscal year, showing that Trump cares far more about the pursuit of knowledge than Obama ever did.

During Obama’s presidency, he forced NASA to waste millions of dollars in taxpayer funds on investigating his climate change claims. With his budget last year, he literally diverted funds from NASA to climate change studies.

“This budget takes our human spaceflight program nowhere fast,” House Subcommittee on Space Chairman Brian Babin complained during a hearing last year about Obama’s 2017 NASA budget. “This budget undermines our space program and diverts critical funding to lower-priority items.”

In contrast, Trump will scrap funding for climate research in favor of deep space exploration.

“The key U.S. objectives for human expansion into space shall include achieving human exploration of Mars and beyond through the prioritization of those technologies and capabilities best suited for such a mission in accordance with the stepping-stone approach to exploration specified in federal law,” the bill Trump signed read.

After signing the bill, Trump praised NASA for inspiring “millions and millions of Americans to imagine distant worlds,” and reaffirmed his “commitment to the core mission of NASA: human space exploration, space science and technology.”

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