Look What Happened IMMEDIATELY Before London Terrorist Attack

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On Wednesday morning, at least four people were killed and many more were injured in a terrorist attack in London after an attacker plowed through a crowd of pedestrians outside the House of Parliament. Now, something chilling that happened before the attack has been revealed.

Express UK reported that months before the attack, London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan said that inhabitants of major cities “have got to be prepared for these sorts of things” and they are “part and parcel of living in a big city.” In essence, he told Westerners to simply “get over” the dangers posed by radical Muslims and accept this as a way of life.

Months later, London is in chaos as the death toll from this clear act of terror continues to rise.

“I confirmed one fatality. A woman. She was under the wheel of a bus. She died, confirmed her death at the scene,” Colleen Anderson, a junior doctor at St. Thomas’ Hospital told reporters. “There were people across the bridge. There were some with minor injuries, some catastrophic. Some had injuries they could walk away from or who have life-changing injuries. There were maybe a dozen injured.”

Please pray for ALL those affected by this attack!

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