Look What Obama Did IMMEDIATELY After Boarding Private Jet…

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Millions of Americans are still struggling to survive thanks to the ridiculous policies Barack Obama put in place during his eight year presidency. Despite this, Obama continues to live a jet-setting, multi-million dollar lifestyle.

The UK Telegraph reported that Obama quietly boarded a private jet on Tuesday evening to head to a private island in Tahiti, which is located in French Polynesia. He will be spending the next month staying at the eco-luxe resort The Brando on the nearby atoll of Tetiaroa.

Tetiaroa was once the Tahitian royal family’s favourite retreat before Hollywood star Marlon Brando bought it and built a home there. It later became a resort that has been frequented by other stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio. The Brando is popular among the liberal elite because it is powered by solar energy and coconut oil, cooled by a sea water air conditioning system, and home to an innovative mosquito eradication project involving researchers from Oxford University.

It costs €12,300 (£10,745) a night to stay at the resort, so Obama will likely be using the money he got from his $65 million book deal to fund this vacation. It is rumored that Obama is staying on the private island specifically to work on his memoirs.

Looks like Obama is continuing to live the good life while millions of us are struggling just to put food on the table. His claims that he’s the “man of the people” was and is still a big fat lie.

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