New Law FORCES Welfare Recipients To Pass Drug Test – Here’s What Happened Next…

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During Barack Hussein Obama’s sham of a presidency, he managed to get millions of Americans on welfare so that they would depend on him for their very survival. Now that Donald Trump is in office, however, these welfare kings and queens are learning the hard way that their free rides are over.

Both Houses in Congress reportedly just passed a bill that would give states the right to drug test welfare applicants. Obama had put in place rules preventing them from introducing such a law, but Trump immediately made it possible for them to make this happen.

This means that in many states, if a freeloader fails a drug test, he or she will be cut off by the government, and will actually have to get a job themselves!

Democrat Gwen Moore, a congresswoman from Wisconsin, spoke out to blast House Republicans for passing the bill, saying that with this move they had “continued their attack on the poor by forcing drug testing as a prerequisite for receiving unemployment benefits. As a former recipient of such services, I am appalled by the Republican Party’s discriminatory policies and deeply-sown disdain against those battling poverty.”

It’s ridiculous that Moore is implying that “using drugs” is an inherent part of being in poverty. All this law is doing is ensuring that our hard-earned tax dollars won’t be used to buy narcotics.

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