North Carolina Forces ALL Welfare Recipients To Get Drug Tested – Here’s What Happened Next…

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North Carolina recently decided to see what would happen if it’s welfare recipients had to be drug tested, and the results of this move were staggering. Of the 89 people who were picked for the test, 21 tested hot with drugs in their system, which shows just how many people are using our tax dollars to buy their narcotics.

In addition, 70 people who were picked to the test decided to not show up at all, indicating that they also had drugs in their system and knew they would not pass the test.

Given the results of this test, North Carolina is calling for all it’s welfare recipients to be drug tested. Though this seems like common sense that should be applied to welfare recipients all over the country, liberals are fighting these drug tests because they want as many people on welfare as possible.

Frankly, we are sick of our hard-earned tax dollars being used to buy drugs. SHARE this story if you think drug testing should be MANDATORY for ALL welfare recipients!

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