Queen Elizabeth Makes A TRAGIC Announcement – Pray For Her…

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London is still reeling from last week’s terrorist attack on Westminster Bridge that left four people dead and 29 injured. Now, Queen Elizabeth has been forced to make some major changes to protect herself, as she is seen as a top terrorist target.

Grand Forks Herald reported that new barriers have been erected around Windsor Castle to better protect the Queen. This came after a review of security at Windsor, the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world located about 20 miles (32 km) to the West of London.

The new barriers were put in place on Wednesday right before the regular “Changing the Guard” ceremony, which sees soldiers in scarlet tunics and bearskin hats parade with an army band through the town of Windsor before heading into the castle.

“While there is no intelligence to indicate a specific threat to Windsor, recent events in Westminster clearly highlight the need for extra security measures to be introduced,” said Assistant Chief Constable Dave Hardcastle of Thames Valley Police. “The force believes that it is proportionate and necessary to put in place extra security measures to further protect and support the public and the Guard Change.”

It’s sad that at 90 years of age, Queen Elizabeth is such a high terrorist target that she is forced to take additional measures to protect herself. Please pray for Queen Elizabeth and her safety!

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