RED ALERT: Buckingham Palace Makes TRAGIC Announcement About Queen

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On Wednesday morning, at least two people were killed and many more were injured in a terrorist attack in London after an attacker plowed through a crowd of pedestrians outside the House of Parliament. Now, millions of people are praying for Queen Elizabeth, many are questioning her safety since she was so close to where the attack took place.

The IB Times reported that Queen Elizabeth was just half a mile away from where the attack took place at her home in Buckingham Palace when it occurred.

“The Royal Standard is flying over Buckingham Palace which means the Queen is just half a mile from this possible terrorist incident,” ITV News Royal editor Chris Ship tweeted right after the incident.

The Royal Standard flag is a signal to the world that the Queen is currently inside her home.

The Queen is always flanked by armed guards from SO14, the Royalty Protection Branch of the Metropolitan Police. However, her security will likely be stepped up after a terrorist attack such as this one, as she is seen as a top target for terrorists.

“Security is always arranged in layers, starting with the close protection bodyguards and then in concentric rings, like an onion skin,” said Dai Davies, former head of Royal Protection. “Additional layers will be added as appropriate, according to the intelligence available.”

This comes as the death toll from today’s attack continues to rise.

“I confirmed one fatality. A woman. She was under the wheel of a bus. She died, confirmed her death at the scene,” Colleen Anderson, a junior doctor at St. Thomas’ Hospital told reporters. “There were people across the bridge. There were some with minor injuries, some catastrophic. Some had injuries they could walk away from or who have life-changing injuries. There were maybe a dozen injured.”

Please pray for Queen Elizabeth and ALL of the people of the United Kingdom!

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