THIS Country Just Went ‘Full Trump’ By BANNING Refugees – Look What Happened Next…

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Liberals are trying to make Donald Trump look like a crazy racist for attempting to lower the number of Muslim refugees the United States takes in. However, more and more countries are beginning to see Trump’s logic as they are becoming overwhelmed with the number of Muslim migrants that continue to pour in.

The nation of Greece has reportedly reached their limit of Muslim migrants and is saying that they can’t take in any more.

“Greece simply has no capacities to cope with additional arrival of refugees,” said Ioannis Mouzalas, Greece’s minister of migration.

Greek politicians are begging those on the European Commission to stop the flow of refugees into their once-great nation, arguing that they simply cannot handle any more migrants. The European Commission, which is a body of 28 non-elected bureaucrats who manage the European Union, has responded by pressuring Greece to re-implement the Dublin Regulation, which forces the countries where refugees first arrive to bear the burden of vetting and housing them.

Unfortunately, Greece does not have the power to stop them from doing this. Instead, all they can do is beg them to spare their small nation from further damage.

If Greece continues to defy the European Commission by refusing to accept refugees, they risk being hit with new austerity measures, which will destroy the Grecian economy. This means that their only hope is to do what the United Kingdom did and leave the European Union once and for all.

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