Thugs GANG RAPE 15 Year-Old Chicago Girl On Facebook Live – What Happens Next Is Even Worse…

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A 15 year-old girl was gang raped in Chicago, Illinois this week in a sick crime that was broadcast on Facebook Live. In a sickening twist, not a single person called the police about the attack even though 40 people watched it online.

Fox News reported that Superintendent Eddie Johnson said police only learned about the attack late Monday afternoon when the girl’s mother came to the station and showed officers screenshots of the assault.

“Here’s what’s even more disturbing, more than the fact that they did this, there were so many people that saw it and didn’t pick up the phone to dial 911,” Johnson told WGN-TV. “That’s not right. It’s just not right.”

Johnson reportedly became “visibly upset” when he watched the chilling footage.

The girl had been reported missing on Sunday after she did not return home from a trip to the store. Hours later, the girl’s uncle came across the Facebook Live video. The girl was found on Tuesday morning wandering the streets four blocks away from her home.

Despite what she went through, the girl is in “good condition.”

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