Trump To Sign MASSIVE Executive Order DESTROYING Obama’s Legacy

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President Donald Trump is reportedly about to sign an executive order that will destroy a major piece of Barack Obama’s agenda.

The Washington Examiner reported that Trump will sign an executive order on Tuesday that will begin to undo Obama’s rule on carbon emissions.

“This is about making sure that we have a pro-growth and pro-environment approach to how we do regulation in this country,” said Environmental Protection Agency head Scott Pruitt. He added that the order “will address the past administration’s efforts to kill jobs across this country through the Clean Power Plan.”

The plan, which is currently stayed by a February 2016 Supreme Court decision, sets specific carbon dioxide emission reduction targets for each state. This discourages electricity produced from coal. Pruitt explained that Trump’s main goal is to bring back more coal jobs. He also called the Paris Agreement that set emissions targets for different countries a “bad deal” because it cost the U.S. jobs without getting concessions from China and India.

Pruitt argued that innovation in coal and natural gas extraction lowered both emissions and the price of electricity.

“This is an effort to undo the unlawful approach the previous administration engaged in and to do it right going forward with the mindset of being pro-growth and pro-environment, and we can achieve both,” he said.

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