WATCH: Anti-Trump Protesters BLOCK Traffic In Florida – Get NASTY Surprise From Police…

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Ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election, liberals have been throwing temper tantrums about how “unfair” it is that he beat Hillary Clinton. A cellphone video that was shot right after his victory shows a group of young liberals block traffic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to whine about Trump’s win.

Police, however, weren’t having any of it.

The Blaze reported that cellphone footage shows a female liberal sitting on the sidewalk handcuffed after she threw water on Trump supporters. After being arrested, the millennial throws a temper tantrum of epic proportions, showing how spoiled young liberals can be.

“I want an attorney!  I want to be released! I have done nothing wrong!” she screams over and over as police look on in disgust.

Twitter users immediately slammed the woman:

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