WATCH: The Moment Mob of Illegals Is Rounded Up and Arrested – Watch How They React!

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Before he took office, Donald Trump promised that he would crack down on illegal immigration in this country like no other president had before. This month, he continued to follow through with this promise as 86 illegal aliens were arrested in the midwest.

The Des Moines Register reported that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced that 86 illegal aliens were arrested across the midwest this month as raids took place in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa.

Of the 86 detained illegals, 53 had prior criminal convictions while the rest were arrested for their immigration status. 23 of the illegal aliens had been deported in the past and later reentered the country, which is a federal crime. Seven of them were fugitives, as a judge had already ordered them to leave the U.S.

ICE released a statement saying the raids were done to target “public safety threats,” as well as fugitives that had already been ordered to leave the country.

“ICE does not conduct random sweeps, checkpoints or raids that target aliens indiscriminately,” according to their news release. “All ICE operations are targeted based on investigative leads.”

This comes as ICE raids are taking place all over the country. This week alone, 160 illegal aliens were arrested in Southern California. The Gateway Pundit reported that 150 of them had prior criminal convictions, and five of the additional ten had been deported in the past.

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