WOW! Did Wikileaks Just Solve a Major Murder?

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On Tuesday, WikiLeaks released a series of documents exposing the CIA’s questionable activities. Included in the document dump, was new insight into the death of a major Obama adversary.

Michael Hastings was a freelance reporter who made headlines in 2010 when he wrote a Rolling Stone article on General Stanley McChristal that led to the General’s resignation. On June 17, 2013, Hastings notified his friends that he was going “off the radar” for a bit because he was “onto a big story.” He then warned them that the FBI was starting to look around and interview the people close to him.

Many said that Hastings’ story centered around John Brennan and the CIA.

On the night of June 17, Hastings showed up at his neigbbor’s house and asked if he could use her car, saying that his own had been tampered with. She refused to give him her car and then tried unsuccessfully to calm him down before he left.

Hours later, police were called to the scene of a one car collision. Hastings’ Mercedes had hit a tree at a high speed, and officers found the journalist dead inside his vehicle.

The authorities immediately tried to sweep Hastings’ death under the rug, and they were successful in doing so, until now…

The latest WikiLeaks dump revealed that the CIA has the power to take over the computer systems in cars and cause accidents that can kill drivers. This means that Hastings may have been right when he told his neighbor that his car had been tampered with, and it could have led to his death.

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