Donald Trump Gets Some AMAZING News After Syria Airstrike

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Ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election, he has had trouble winning over members of the Republican establishment. However, that all changed last night after Trump launched an airstrike on Syria in response to the deadly chemical terror attack launched by the Assad regime there this week that left over 100 dead.

Breibart reported that Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, two of Trump’s fiercest critics, issued a joint statement praising Trump for his decision to launch the airstrike.

“Unlike the previous administration, President Trump confronted a pivotal moment in Syria and took action,” they said. “For that, he deserves the support of the American people.”

The senators went on to encourage Trump to consider further action, calling for a strategy to take out Assad’s Air Force, the establishment of safe zones, and supporting Syrian rebels.

“Building on tonight’s credible first step, we must finally learn the lessons of history and ensure that tactical success leads to strategic progress,” they said.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who ran against Trump in the GOP primaries, also voiced his support for the airstrike.

“By acting decisively against the very facility from which Assad launched his murderous chemical weapons attack, President Trump has made it clear to Assad and those who empower him that the days of committing war crimes with impunity are over,” he said in a statement.

In addition, Senator Tom Cotton issued a statement of support for Trump’s actions.

“I commend President Trump for taking swift, decisive action against Bashar al-Assad’s outlaw regime,” he said. “Any country that violates arms-control agreements with the U.S., develops illicit chemical- or nuclear-weapons programs, or supports those countries that do ought to take note.”

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