George Clooney BEGS For Open Borders – Regrets It When Refugees Erect Camp In His Front Yard…

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Hollywood A-lister George Clooney was one of the celebrities who fought hardest for the rights of refugees, demanding that world leaders open their borders to take them in. It’s safe to say that he’s now regretting this in a big way…

Breitbart reported that a massive makeshift refugee camp has been set up in Lake Como, the popular celebrity vacation spot in Italy where Clooney keeps a home. Gangs of migrants began camping out there after Switzerland closed it’s southern border with Italy. Left with nowhere to go, the refugees stayed put on Lake Como as they waited for smugglers to lead them into the northern part of Europe.

Footage of this camp can be seen in the video above this story.

The camp is just a few steps away from the multimillion dollar lakeside mansion of Clooney and his fellow immigration activist wife Amal.

The Clooney enjoy escaping to Lake Como to get away from the spotlight in Hollywood each summer. That’s why these A-listers can’t possibly be happy to see that migrants have set up flimsy dwellings and scattered trash all around their glamorous abode.

In the end, the Clooneys can only blame themselves for this mess, as they have met with world leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel demanding that they let in more refugees. Clooney himself has slammed President Donald Trump as a “xenophobic fascist” who wants to “ban Muslims from the country.”

After seeing the devastation Muslim migrants have caused in his own ritzy community, perhaps Clooney will come around to Trump’s way of thinking…

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