Glenn Beck Reveals Something SHOCKING About O’Reilly’s Firing – This Is BLACKMAIL

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Millions of Fox News fans were devastated on Wednesday when Bill O’Reilly was abruptly fired from Fox News after numerous sexual harassment claims against him were leaked to the public. Though liberals are rejoicing about this, former Fox News host Glenn Beck just spoke out to offer his thoughts about the situation, and what he had to say surprised many.

Variety reported that Beck said he found the allegations against O’Reilly “hard to believe” based on the time he has spent with the former The O’Reilly Factor host. He shared his thoughts on this on TheBlaze’s Facebook account on Wednesday.

“We worked closely with Bill on the road and he had access to very beautiful women on our staff. And he worked closely with very beautiful women on our staff,” Beck explained. “We never saw him utter a word that was even blue humor. He was so buttoned-up when he was around us that I find these charges hard to believe.”

“Somebody could’ve set him up very easily, played into flirting back with him,” Beck added. “And then she wanted to make a name for herself, make money … that’s what the suit alleged. And he pays out to silence, Fox pays out to silence. That’s pretty bad, right? They paid money. They settled.”

Beck went on to bring up his own unspecified lawsuit, saying that he was pressured into settling despite being “right.”

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