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A horrific mass shooting took place outside an Alabama church on Saturday night just hours before Easter Sunday. However, the mainstream media chose to completely ignore the story, as it did not fit their liberal agenda…

Right Wing News reported that a black suspect opened fire on Saturday at a carnival that benefited the Cathedral of the Cross A.O.H. Church of God in Birmingham, Alabama. The gunman, who is a teenager, injured six people, five of whom were teenagers. The sixth victim was a one year-old child, and a pregnant woman was rushed to the hospital as well.

The one year-old and three of the other victims were struck by single shots in the leg. Another victim was shot in the elbow while the final one was grazed in the shoulder.

Though this was a mass shooting, it was only reported by one media outlet, which was Even this outlet was reluctant to report on the suspect due to his skin color, referring to him only vaguely as a “teenager” or “teen.”

“He is the only suspect who fired shots. He has been identified and a search for him is being conducted,” Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Randy Christian was quoted as saying, yet no other description of the shooter was given. This seems particularly odd since the shooter was still at large.

Some are now saying that this story was swept under the rug because the suspect is black, and shot up a black church, in a city whose population is 75% black. This means that the case does not fit any narrative that the mainstream media would be interested in, so it went unreported completely.

Black lives matter ONLY when it serves the liberal agenda apparently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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