Hillary Clinton Comes Out Of Hiding To BLAME Election Loss On SEXISM

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Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election loss to Donald Trump was both humiliating and shocking thus limiting Clinton’s public appearances as she privately licked her wounds in the last few months. On the few occasions she has appeared in public, Clinton has whined about how “unfair” her defeat was and blamed it on a gamut of things: Russian interference, FBI James Comey, fake news, and of course, sexism.

On Thursday night, Clinton made another brief public appearance and once again blamed her loss to Trump on sexism.

The Daily Wire reported that while she spoke at the annual Women in the World Summit in New York, Clinton said she lost in large part because of “misogyny.”

“It is fair to say … certainly, misogyny played a role,” Clinton said. “I mean, that just has to be admitted. And why and what the underlying reasons were is what I’m trying to parse out myself.”

She went on to attack Trump voters, which was a favorite pastime of hers during the election, saying she finds their view of “change” as “worrisome and threatening.”

“I think in this election there was a very real struggle between what is viewed as change that is welcomed and exciting to so many Americans, and change which is worrisome and threatening to so many others,” Clinton said. “And you layer on the first woman president over that and I think some people, women included, had real problems.”

Oh, Hillary, I suppose it’s easier to blame sexism and Trump-voters for your epic failure than to actually admit you were a terrible candidate. You lost because millions of Americans saw through you and saw you to be the criminal that you are.

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