HORROR IN NEW YORK CITY – 9 People Collapse…

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In the 24 hours between Wednesday and Thursday last week, police in New York City were stunned to be called repeatedly about people collapsing in public. Even more shocking was the one thing all nine of the victims had in their hands when they collapsed…

Mad World News reported that EMTs were first called to a Macy’s bathroom where a man had collapsed. His brother told police that the man had been snorting heroin before he fell unconscious.

All nine of the people that collapsed over the next day had been doing heroin as well. Police believe each of the overdoses came from the same batch of heroin, but they are still running tests to determine for sure if this is the case.

Thankfully, EMTs were able to save five out of the nine people who collapsed by administering a dose of the reversal drug Narcan to everyone involved. Unfortunately, the other four people died of their overdoses. Law enforcement officials have said this is just a glimpse of the heroin problem in this country.

“What we hear from users is that quality is important and that the reputation of a dealer is rated on a scale of one to 10,” Marc Birnbaum, assistant attorney general for Virginia, recently said. “We’ve talked to users whose dealers will say, ‘I got the stuff that will keep you from getting sick, and I got the stuff that will kill you.’ It’s a tragic situation because, for the most part, they want the most potent dose.”

Please pray for all those currently fighting drug demons in this country!

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