HORROR IN SOUTH DAKOTA – Heavily Armed Muslim Infiltrates Christian Conference…

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The Daily Caller reported that a conference held on April 9 on Christian and conservative issues in Sioux Falls, South Dakota was threatened by a heavily armed Muslim man in a series of chilling videos that were posted to Facebook. The man, who has been identified as Ehab Jaber, attended the conference and posted videos showing a display of the multiple assault-style rifles, pistols and ammunition he was carrying on his person and in his van.

Shockingly, Jaber was never arrested.

In one of his videos, he shows off the weapons in his van and talks directly to the camera.

“And now if you want to really be scared…” he lifts up an AK-47 style rifle and says, “be scared.”

Jaber then revealed two handguns hidden on his person and others in the van, after each one saying, “be scared.”

“Be f***ing terrified,” he added, after taking an AK-47 style rifle out of it’s case.

In his next video, he slammed the conference organizer, who he said is just “capitalizing on everybody’s f***ing fears so he can sell f***ing books… you f***ing people believe anything.”

“I’d better get the f*** out of here before the cops come…” he said, then added as he panned over the crowded lot, “Holy s**t! White America is f***ing terrified man!”

Worldview Weekend producer and radio host Brannon Howse said that police were placed on high alert after the videos were discovered.

“We were told by the police in Green Bay that the FBI had put out a warning to the different Homeland security Fusion Centers in the various cities [where] we were going to be. In Madison they put 4 to 5 cars around the event facility without us even asking,” Howse said.

Sioux Falls police officer Sam Clemens said that South Dakota has an open carry law and that Jaber had a concealed carry permit as well.

“He was approached by police while in the event, and acknowledged that he was carrying weapons,” Clemens said. “The police informed him that firearms were not allowed in the event and was asked to leave. He complied.”

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