HORROR IN WASHINGTON – Gunman Opens Fire, Numerous Victims…

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A gunman opened fire in downtown Seattle, Washington on Thursday afternoon, injuring four police officers.

KIRO7 reported that the incident occurred at 1:32pm after an armed robbery at a 7-Eleven store. Two police officers were shot, a third was grazed by a bullet, and a fourth was hit in the head with a bottle.

A 42 year-old female police officer was shot in the chest, but she was thankfully wearing body armor that stopped the bullet. A 30 year-old male officer was shot in the chin and ribcage and is in serious but stable condition. Each of them are at Harborview Medical Center at this time.

Two suspects had fled the scene of the robbery on foot and were chased by police. When one officer tackled a male suspect, a female suspect hit the cop over the head with a bottle.

The male suspect fled into a building at Madison Street and Western Avenue and opened fire with police. After shooting the officers, he barricaded himself inside the building, and police sent a robot inside to determine where the man was and if he was alive.

Eventually, the 19 year-old male suspect was found dead inside the building. His female accomplice, who was 17, was arrested and is in custody. She told police about a third male suspect, who was also 19, and he was later arrested as well.

Thank God no police officers were killed in this incident!

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