JUST IN: Bill O’Reilly Learns His Fate At Fox – Fans STUNNED

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Bill O’Reilly got some bad news this month when it was revealed that numerous women have accused him of sexual harassment over the years, and that both he and Fox News have paid out $13 million to his accusers since 2002.  Since then, over 90 companies have pulled their advertisements from The O’Reilly Factor.

Yesterday, we reported that an African American clerical worker had come forward to say that she was sexually harassed by O’Reilly and that he had given her the nickname, “Hot Chocolate.” This appears to have been the final straw, as new reports indicate Fox has decided to let O’Reilly go.

Daily Mail reported that insiders say O’Reilly and Fox News are in exit negotiations with a final decision on the host’s future at the network expected by the end of the week. The discussions are taking place ahead of a 21st Century Fox board meeting later this week on Thursday, at which O’Reilly is expected to be the primary topic of discussion among the board members.

This comes after three sources told reporters that the Murdochs may not have O’Reilly return to the network after he comes back from his vacation in a week. New York Magazine reported that insiders say the Murdochs have turned on O’Reilly and are leaning towards announcing that he will not return to Fox once the vacation he is currently on ends. Both sons James and Lachlan argue that their father should be fired, but their father Rupert Murdoch wants him to stay.

One inside source at Fox said executives are alarmed by the severity of the ad-revenue decline.

“It’s worse than Glenn Beck,” the insider said, referring to the 2011 advertiser revolt that destroyed Beck’s career.

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