JUST IN: Illegal Aliens KILL 10 PEOPLE Near Texas Border – CNN Won’t Report This…

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Liberal nitwits are constantly calling for open borders and slamming President Donald Trump for his crackdown on illegal immigration. What’s happening right now around the Texas border, however, shows exactly why stronger security on our borders is so important.

Breitbart reported that a series of recent gun battles and executions in the border city of Matamoros has left at least ten people dead as tensions between drug cartels and Mexican police forces have reached a boiling point. It all started last week in the Buena Vista neighborhood of Matamoros, where members of the Gulf Cartel clashed with military and police forces.

Though the authorities set up blockades to stop the fighting, cartel gunmen hijacked various vehicles to choke chances of police pursuit down main avenues. The violence then spilled over to Rio Bravo, another border city, where troops killed several  gunmen.

This week, police were called to a business in Matamoros, where they found four male cartel members killed. Each one had been shot in the head execution-style.

Another attack saw a team of gunmen kill three men in a second ordered hit. One victim was a street-level drug dealer, while another was a local college student who got caught in the crossfire.

Meanwhile, Mexican Marines killed two gunmen in Rio Bravo after they murdered a married couple. The couple was killed after they got in a car crash with the cartel members.

This is just a little bit of the massive violence that plagues the area right on the Texas border. Should we open our borders any further, this violence will surely spill over into the U.S. in no time.

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