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Tensions between the U.S. and North Korea have been rising dramatically in the last few weeks. Now, Japan is getting involved…

On Monday, President Donald Trump sent the U.S. warship Carl Vinson aircraft carrier to the Korean Peninsula. Newsweek reported that days later, Japan has announced plans to send several warships to the region as well.

Multiple sources have confirmed that ships from Japan’s naval fleet would travel to the East China Sea to join U.S. forces.

North Korea was furious when the Carl Vinson and several other warships were rerouted from training exercises in Australia towards the Korean Peninsula. The communist nation said it was “ready for war” and accused the U.S. of a “reckless” provocation through its increased presence.

Though the Japanese military has not officially commented on the situation, one source said he had “direct knowledge of the plan,” to join the U.S. ships, while the other had been briefed about it.

Ramon Pacheco Pardo, senior lecturer in International Relations at King’s College London, said this is a clear attempt by Japan to show the U.S. that they are not acting alone in the region.

“It sends a message to the Trump administration that they are willing to share the burden of security in Asia,” he said. “It also sends a message to China that Japan is prepared to align itself to its allies concerning North Korea.”

“Part of Japan’s military plan was to increase its engagements, and this includes the navy too,” Pardo added. “The joint exercises with South Korea and the United States shows it is an active military player in the region.”

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