JUST IN: TRUMP SIGNED IT – Effective Immediately…

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Donald Trump had been a vocal critic of Barack Obama’s ridiculous climate agenda even before he entered politics. That’s why it should come as no surprise that Trump is already making move to completely dismantle it.

This past week, Trump signed a series of orders that took aim at Obama’s environmental legacy, reversing the restrictive rules and regulations in the hopes of bringing the U.S. closer to energy independence and spur job growth.

Had Obama’s plans moved forward, CPP would have cost $41 billion annually, which is $10.74 a month for every single American. Less than 39% of Americans were in favor of this, probably because it only would have averted 0.019 Celsius of warming by the year 2100.

In addition, Trump rolled back the Department of Interior’s Stream Protection Rule, which Obama had signed right before he left office. Obama had signed this rule with the goal of making it harder to mine on federal lands, but Trump is a proud supporter of the coal mining industry. In fact, the  U.S. coal production has flourished since Trump took office, and it’s already created many more jobs for Americans.

Liberals are of course furious about what Trump is doing to Obama’s environmental legacy.

“The Trump administration’s rampage against the environment presents an existential threat to the entire planet,” said John Podesta, Hillary’s former campaign manager.

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