Liberal Attacks Man for Waving American Flag, Then Gets NASTY Dose Of Karma

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Kyle Chapman, known as “Based Stickman” on Facebook, was assaulted this week for carrying the American flag around Berkeley, California. Unbelievably, he was the one who ended up being arrested…

Breitbart reported that Chapman was walking around Berkeley with the flag to promote a free-speech rally scheduled for Saturday when a group of youths approached him and told him to leave. When Chapman refused, one of the thugs got in his face and challenged him to a fight.

It was then that Chapman punched the aggressor in the face. One of the other thugs then hit the patriot with his skateboard and proceeded to call the police on him.

Chapman and the man he punched, 33-year-old Emmanuel Hall, were each detained by police and they both received citations.

“This is another example of left-wing thugs trying to intimidate and threaten real Americans when we try to exercise our First Amendment rights. We CANNOT let that fly,” Chapman wrote in his video description.

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