Melania Trump Just DESTROYED Michelle Obama’s Legacy With THIS

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Melania Trump put Michelle Obama to shame during the White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday by teaming up with Kellyanne Conway to do something our former First Lady never would have done.

When Michelle Obama was First Lady, all she cared about was getting her time in the spotlight and hanging out with A-list Hollywood stars. Melania went a different route on Monday, when she dropped everything to quietly give an interview to 14 year-old Kade Friedlander, who was at the White House Easter event on a special assignment for Time Magazine For Kids.

The day was a particularly stressful one for Melania, since she was organizing the Easter Egg Roll. However, when she heard that Kade was the child of a poor single mother who spends his time volunteering with the homeless, she knew she had to speak with him.

Mad World News reported that Kade himself was stunned, as he had only planned to interview White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. He never expected to get to talk to both Melania and Conway, and he was touched by their kindness and humility.

“It was unbelievable,” Kade said“You felt like they were people who, if you met them on the street, you could hold a conversation with them.”

His mother Tracey, who witnessed the interview, applauded Melania for taking the time to talk to her son.

“It was nice to really see him rise to the occasion. He went from being a little nervous in that press room to being extraordinarily comfortable [with the First Lady],” Tracey said.

Michelle would have been far too busy trying to find Beyonce and Jay Z at her Easter Egg Roll to even think about speaking to a teenage boy. Once again, Melania has outclassed Michelle in front of the entire nation!

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