North Korea Issues NUCLEAR Warning About Tomorrow – IT’S HAPPENING

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Tensions between North Korea and the U.S. have been rising dramatically over the past few weeks. Now, they appear to have reached a boiling point, as it looks like something very bad is about to happen.

Young Conservatives reported that all 200 of the foreign journalists in Pyongyang have just been put on buses and are being transported to an unknown location that is reportedly several 7.5 hours away from Pyongyang.

The journalists were only told to a prepare for a “big and important event” on Thursday.

This comes ahead of North Korea’s biggest holiday, the “Day of the Sun,” which occurs on April 15. This holiday celebrates the 105th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung, the deceased founding leader of North Korea and the grandfather of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Some are speculating that North Korea will conduct yet another nuclear test for the holiday.

American officials are particularly cautious right now given the fact that North Korea threatened the U.S. on Tuesday with a nuclear response if we did any kind of a military strike. Some reports suggest that North Korea is actually preparing a nuclear test for Saturday, when they will launch a missile in a tunnel.

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