Professor Who Threatened To ASSASSINATE Trump Learns His Fate

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Liberals hate Donald Trump so much that they seem to think it’s okay for them to publicly threaten his life. This week, however, one liberal lunatic learned the hard way that threats on Trump’s life won’t be tolerated.

A college professor at Fresno State University in California recently called for Donald Trump to be executed. Breitbart reported that back in February, lecturer Lars Maischak wrote that “Trump must hang” in order for democracy to be saved.

“To save American democracy, Trump must hang. The sooner and the higher, the better,” Maischak wrote. The tweet, which has since been deleted, also included an image comparing Trump to “Lenin, Stalin, Hitler” and other dictators.

Daily Mail reported that Fresno State University has just announced that Maischak will be on paid leave for the rest of the semester after taking a voluntary leave of absence. This came a week after Maischak publicly apologized, whining that he has received death threats and hundreds of hate emails in the wake of the tweets.

“I regret making these tweets,” Maischak said. “I wrote them to an audience of 28 followers on Twitter under the assumption they would be read by people I know.”

However, he was singing a very different tune when Breitbart originally ran the story about him.

“The function of articles like the one produced by Breitbart and affiliates is to whip up a digital lynch-mob of people sending threats and insults to my email and Twitter accounts, with the ultimate goal of silencing dissenters,” Maischak told the Fresno Bee at the time of the original publishing.

Fresno State has made it clear that they are trying to distance themselves from Maischak.

“Statements made on his personal social media accounts are his alone and are not endorsed by nor reflect the position of the University,” Fresno State said in a statement.

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