Rush Limbaugh UNLOADS On Anti-Trump Democrats After Georgia Election FAIL

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Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh mocked Democrats this week for claiming that Jon Ossoff’s strong showing in the first phase of a special election to fill a Georgia seat in the House of Representatives was some sort of victory for them.

Western Journalism reported that Ossoff ended up getting 48.1% of the vote, just short of the majority needed for an outright win in a district that typically leans Republican. Ossoff will now face off against Republican Karen Handel, who was the top finisher among GOP candidates with 19.1% of the vote.

Liberal outlets like CNN focused on the fact that Ossoff almost won, reporting that the “hotly contested race carried major implications as a gauge of the president’s popularity.” However, Rush wasn’t convinced, as he believes the numbers show how weak the Democrats really are.

“If they couldn’t get 50 percent of the vote with 11 or 12 Republicans and an $8 million advantage in spending and all of Hollywood’s influence, Samuel L. Jackson and, you know, whatever B-listers they brought in there, all the free local media that no doubt was in favor of the Democrats, and they still couldn’t pull this off,” Rush scoffed. “I will continue to support the Democrats in victory after victory of this type for as long as they want.”

“In their world, he won. In the real world, they lost,” he said. “With a Republican vote split 11 ways, they still couldn’t win. This is reality, and this is the way you have to look at this. And if the Democrats don’t look at it this way, they’re gonna keep looking, because they’re gonna continue to lie to themselves like they’re doing today, telling themselves they had a moral win, and they got ever so close and they’re gonna win the runoff.”

Rush pointed out that the way CNN is celebrating this shows that the Georgia election is being used as part of a media propaganda campaign aimed at Trump.

“The media is actually leading the charge, again. As you see, it’s the media carrying that water. It’s not the Democrats. The Democrats are followers on this. The Democrats are taking their cues from the media. The media is desperate to portray this election last night as something that it was not,” Rush explained.

Rush also said that the only reason Ossoff even came close was because of influence from the outside.

“Now, in his victory-for-the-ages speech last night, Ossoff blamed outside money and interests … for his loss. You know how much outside money opposed Ossoff last night? Something like that $2 million. You know how much outside money supported Ossoff last night? Close to $10 million,” the radio host added.

Rush went on to say that the special elections are the Democrats’ only hope.

“They were hoping this Pajama Boy kid would win last night down in Georgia Six, anything to give them evidence that Trump has worn out his welcome with the voters, which would then give them backup for continuing to oppose Trump,” Rush said. “But it’s not going their way. Every time there is a verdict to be rendered, Trump-slash-Republicans are winning it.”

“Because right now the entire Washington establishment is doing everything it can to drive a wedge between Trump voters and Trump. They are hoping that they can make you Trump voters get tired of Trump, worn out, convinced that Trump can’t succeed,” he said, because they understand that Trump’s only allies are voters.

“They want you blaming Trump for tax reform not getting done. They want you blaming Trump for health care not getting done. They want you to see that it doesn’t matter, a president can’t do diddly-squat on his own, not even the all-powerful Trump. And that’s the real takeaway from this election last night, how official Washington is disappointed as the Democrats are, ’cause it’s not going their way in slowing down Trump,” he added.

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