Sean Hannity Gets Some TRAGIC News – He Needs Our Prayers…

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We’ve known for weeks now that Barack Obama’s administration was spying on Donald Trump. However, we had no idea that he was spying on someone else in the conservative world as well.

The Gateway Pundit reported that journalist Mike Cernovich dropped a bombshell this week when he revealed that Obama had been spying on Fox News host Sean Hannity as well. In addition, he said that Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater.

It didn’t take long for Hannity himself to respond.

This allegation was reportedly given to Cernovich by Charles Johnson of

“I have been told that when Susan Rice says that they were not surveilling the transition members – I don’t know if that part’s true. But I can you 100% they were surveilling people who were on this sort of unofficial transition,” said Johnson. “So these were people who were helping out on the side. People like Erik Prince. People like Sean Hannity. These were folks having their phones monitored. Their phones were drained of power.”

“I can tell you 100% Sean Hannity was surveilled and had to change all of his material, change all of his situation on his phone,” he added.

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