TERROR IN FLORIDA – Muslim Terrorist Targets Beach…

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In July of 2015, Harlem Suarez was arrested for plotting to blow up a Key West beach in the name of ISIS. This week, he finally learned his fate from a Florida judge.

The Miami Herald reported that a judge sentenced Suarez, 25, to life in prison on Tuesday after he was convicted of buying a bomb and plotting to blow up a Florida Keys beach in allegiance to the Islamic State.

“The offense is such a serious offense that people need to know that you can’t do that,” Judge Jose Martinez said in U.S. District Court in Key West. “He was talking the talk. He was walking the walk and was in possession of what he thought was a weapon of mass destruction.”

Martinez slammed Suarez during sentencing, calling him “inept” and not even a decent speaker of his native Spanish language before saying his actions in buying what he thought was a bomb after amassing two handguns and an AR-15 rifle “just nutty.”

“It’s too much,” Martinez told the wannabe terrorist. “I do think he could have done this.”

Suarez was arrested after he met with undercover federal agents he believed were ISIS sympathizers and purchased a backpack bomb. The bomb was not real, but Suarez did not know that at the time.

“He posted a ton of pro-ISIS propaganda including graphic videos and photographs,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Marc Anton said during the hearing. “When told the shrapnel would rip through people faster than bullets, he smiled and said, ‘Great, great.’ This defendant has shown no remorse. He has demonstrated no sense of responsibility.”

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