Texas Mayor Who Risked Everything To Fight Shariah Law Joins Trump Team

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Donald Trump’s supporters were ecstatic to learn this week that Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne, who is known for fighting against a group of imams that tried to bring “Sharia law” to Texas, will be joining the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to work under Secretary Ben Carson.

The Daily Caller reported that at a luncheon last Thursday, Van Duyne had announced that she would be joining the Trump administration, but would not say what department she would be working in. She is expected to make an official announcement later this week, once she has completed the necessary paperwork.

This came two months after Van Duyne announced that she would not be seeking a third term as mayor of Irvine, causing rumors to swirl that she would be joining the Trump administration.

Van Duyne earned herself national fame for her strong stances opposing Shariah law and sanctuary cities. Back in 2015, she responded on Facebook to reports that Sharia law was taking hold in parts of Texas.

“Sharia Law Court was NOT approved or enacted by the City of Irving,” Van Duyne wrote. “Our nation cannot be so overly sensitive in defending other cultures that we stop protecting our own.”

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