Trump Just Got the Best News of His Presidency… This Is YUUUGE

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The mainstream media has a clear distaste for President Trump, continually and relentlessly touting Trump’s election win as illegitimate and his presidency as a massive failure with Democrats’ call for impeachment every week it appears. Thus, a future Trump win in 2020 would seem unlikely…one would think.

Breitbart reported that Hollywood liberal Alec Baldwin, known for impersonating Trump on Saturday Night Live, said that he thinks “nobody on deck” for the Democrats can actually beat Trump in the 2020 election.

“None of those people are going to beat [Trump],” Baldwin said. “You think things are bad now; I tell you when things are going to be worse, if he wins again.”

Baldwin who has been on the forefront of anti-Trump rhetoric surprisingly admits that Trump will likely be reelected which is certainly not a good sign for the Democrats.

Baldwin is well known for his over-the-top Trump impersonations on SNL, often depicting Trump as a buffoon incapable and unprepared for the job of president.  At this point, however, Baldwin most likely realizes that there’s nothing that can stop the president despite the mainstream media’s negative depiction of Trump.

This comes as Trump is following through with his various campaign promises by cracking down on illegal immigration and bringing jobs back to the U.S. Share this story if you think Trump is making America Great Again!

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