Trump Makes HUGE Move Against Chicago For Harboring Illegal Aliens

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The city of Chicago, Illinois is notoriously run by Democrats (last Republican mayor was elected in 1927) and is a cesspool of corruption and violence. Continuing with their failed liberal policies, Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently declared Chicago to be a sanctuary city that will help harbor illegal aliens. Sanctuary cities do not report illegal aliens to ICE whenever they get arrested, allowing them to go about as they please and create all types of violence and destruction.

The Windy City already suffers from fiscal failures – billions in pension debt and little reserve to support itself. However, Emanuel’s latest anti-Trump stance could cost the debt-ridden city much-needed funding.

Angry Patriot Movement reported that since Emanuel’s declaration, Chicago has lost $4.6 million worth of funding. This comes after it was estimated that there are 511,000 illegal immigrants in Illinois, with 35% of them in Chicago.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions previously warned Emanuel that his city would lose funding if he continued with this, but he was too stubborn to back down. Thanks to him, the people of Chicago will be suffering.

Emanuel’s staffers are trying to sweep this under the rug by claiming that no funding was cut, and the mainstream media is refusing to report on it because it does not fit their pro-illegal immigrant narrative.

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