Trump Steps Off Plane In Florida For Easter – Look What’s Right Behind Him

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President Donald Trump landed in Palm Beach, Florida on Thursday night to spend Easter weekend at Mar-a-Lago with his family.

Daily Mail reported that Melania and Barron flew to Palm Beach separately from Donald Trump in a different government jet, landing minutes after he did. The duo flew in from New York City, as Barron just had his last day of school before his spring vacation.

Liberals are furious at Melania for flying separately, as the cost of her trip on the government aircraft is being estimated at $100,000 in tax dollars. Even Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton thinks the Trumps are going a bit overboard in spending taxpayers’ money on their travel plans.

“Taxpayers are on the hook for each trip. We have a right to expect that the president be a steward of these funds, and funds that he has direct control over, because he decides whether to go or not,” Fitton said.

However, Fitton pointed out that Barack Obama was way worse, as he used Air Force One “for touring every golf course in America.” He said he also understands why Melania is still in New York.

“She is staying in New York to be close to her son. Should she be punished, should the Trump family be punished by not being all to travel where the president is going to be on a holiday like Easter?” Fitton asked.

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