Two Teachers ARRESTED For Sleeping With Students – Then Police Discover A CHILLING Twist…

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Two middle school teachers were arrested in Texas this week for having sex with their students. After they were arrested, police found themselves baffled by one disturbing detail…

Fox 4 reported that special needs teacher Rebecca Goerdel, 28, was arrested in Grand Prairie for having an improper relationship with her student. She had been a teacher at Young Men’s Leadership Academy at Kennedy Middle School prior to her Friday arrest.

“This kind of conduct is outrageous and will not be tolerated” said Dr. Susan Hull GRPSD Superintendent of Schools. “The teacher student relationship is sacred. It reflects a vow from teachers to parents that their children are safe as safe as they would be at home.”

The other arrested teacher is Katherine Ruth Harper, 27, a 7th grade English teacher and coach at the Tidwell Middle School. She reportedly had sex numerous times with a 15 year-old male over summer vacation. Making matters even worse is the fact that she is now 8 months pregnant…

“One thing led to another and she told me to ‘put it in’ and I did,” the boy told police. Harper reportedly gave the boy alcohol and exchanged nude photos with him via text message. The two exchanged messages 76 times between June 1 and July 31.

Police found it disturbing that these two cases happened in the same state around the same time, and that both teachers worked at middle schools. SHARE this story if you think these perverted women should ROT IN PRISON!

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