Walmart Cashier Refuses To Ring Up Cop – INSTANTLY Regrets It

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During Barack Hussein Obama’s sham of a presidency, respect for law enforcement and police officers were at an all time low.  In the wake of 5 Dallas police officers being killed by an African American gunman in July of 2016, Obama unapologetically defended the Black Lives Matter movement at the memorial service. Liberal minions followed suit by also treating cops like racist criminals with badges.

Thankfully, there are Americans who support our men and women in blue.

WFTV reported that a black female cashier at a Walmart in St. Cloud, Florida recently refused to ring up a police officer. When the cop tried to come to her station, the cashier pointed at her skin color and said she could not service him. Making matters even worse, another cashier saw the incident go down and started laughing.

Unfortunately for the African American woman, Walmart did not see this as a laughing matter. She was fired immediately once Walmart learned what the employee had done.

“We take these things seriously and do not tolerate discrimination of any kind in our stores,” Walmart said in a statement. “We value the relationships we have with law enforcement agencies throughout the country and we’ve met with the St. Cloud Police Department to address their concerns.  We want everyone to be treated with respect whether they are in our stores or anywhere in the community.”

“The cashier who was involved in this situation no longer works in our store,” the store added.

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