BREAKING: Bill Clinton’s Tarmac Meeting With Loretta Lynch Just Came Back to HAUNT HIM

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Last June, millions of patriots were enraged when Barack Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch secretly met with former President Bill Clinton on the tarmac at the Phoenix International Airport. The timing of this meeting was disturbing, since Lynch was in the process of deciding whether or not to charge Clinton’s wife Hillary for her use of a personal email server during her time as Secretary of State.

Now, as Democrats are trying to determine what Donald Trump said to FBI Director James Comey about the investigation into Mike Flynn, Republicans are demanding more information on Clinton’s meeting with Lynch.

“If the New York Times has [Comey’s memo] that means we’re going to be able to see it and I would assume that would be fair. I assume that Mr. Comey also kept, if he’s disturbed by the same memos, that he gave to or about when Mrs. Clinton’s husband appeared in the jet with the attorney general,” Texas Republican Rep. Pete  Sessions told The Daily Caller.

“So I assume that memo would be available to us also,” he continued. “And I would assume that we will see a number of disturbing trends that took place at the Department of Justice [during the Obama administration] for whatever he’s claiming and I’ll look forward to seeing all those,” Sessions said. “But I cannot comment, because I have not seen them but I would assume that Mr. Comey that if he kept one on this visit, evidently, he has others. Now I look forward to seeing those.”

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