Judge Gives ‘Clock Boy’ Some BAD NEWS

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A federal judge gave “Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed some bad news on Thursday when he threw out the boy’s discrimination lawsuit against the City of Irving, Texas.

Daily Wire reported that the judge said in his ruling that the plaintiff “does not allege any facts from which this court can reasonably infer that any [Irving Independent School District] employee intentionally discriminated against Ahmed Mohamed based on his race or religion.”

Mohamed became an overnight sensation when he was arrested on September 14, 2015 for bring a clock to school that looked far more like a hoax bomb. He then refused to cooperate with the school, and then claiming religious and racial discrimination for the arrest.

Ahmed and his father, Mohamed Mohamed, initially asked for $15 million in damages from the city, but they later nixed this in favor of leaving their demands unspecified. The federal judge in their case pointed out that the boy and his father offered zero facts that could lead the court to “reasonably infer” that any employee of the school district had deliberately discriminated against him for race or religion.

In addition, the judge told the Mohameds that they “failed to identify any policy, custom, or practice of the City that was allegedly the moving force behind any violation of Ahmed’s Fifth Amendment rights.”

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