Legendary Designer DEFENDS Melania After Fashion World Abandons Her

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After Donald Trump won the presidential election, many fashion designers turned their backs on his wife Melania, saying they would boycott his presidency by refusing to dress her. That’s why Alessandro Michele, the creative director for Gucci, has found himself in hot water for dressing both Melania and Kellyanne Conway.

Now, Michele is firing back at detractors who criticized him for what he did by taking a major stand for the First Lady.

“We have all kinds of customers. To be against something or someone, it’s a dangerous thing,” Michele explained, according to the UK Express. “It’s easy to be against your enemy, but if you give them a big hug . . . . ”

He went on to say that he has no interest in courting controversy, and instead simply finds people who are different from him to be “interesting.”

“The more you are different, the more interesting. The more you are not like me, the more I want to get to know more about you,” he said. “I’m very curious. I feel more comfortable surrounded by people not like me.”

Michele does not seem to be a Trump supporter, yet he is open minded enough to actually give the president and his family a chance. This is in stark contrast to how most liberals have behaved, as they have been showing how closed-minded they are by trying to blacklist the Trumps and everyone who supports them.

We’re glad to see that Gucci is not afraid to defend our country’s beautiful First Lady. SHARE this story if you support Melania Trump!

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